Holistic Personal Training

Holistic Personal Training is tailored to you – your goals, your state of health, and how and when you like to exercise.

Whether you’re looking to:

  • reach or regain optimal levels of strength and physical ability;
  • increase energy levels; or,
  • manage your weight.

The one-on-one guidance gives you the space to learn proper exercise techniques and functionally sound exercises prescribed for your individual needs. You are built a program that takes into account and focuses on improving your posture, diet, daily activity, and rest – all contributors to good health.

Prior to training, each client undergoes a fitness evaluation, including: 

  • postural assessment;
  • flexibility assessment;
  • strength test; and
  • physical screening.

These results are then used to develop a customized program to effectively and efficiently address physical and mental challenges of the client, along with their goals. Personal training is currently not covered by extended healthcare benefits. See PhysioYoga if covered services are required.

Massage Therapy Kingston

Sessions are held in a private, safe, comfortable atmosphere to encourage learning and inward focus.