Christine Dedrick

Christine Dedrick

rmt | mother | personal support worker

“Keep your face toward the sunshine and the shadows will follow behind you”- Walt Whitman

Christine came into her practice of massage therapy with 10 years experience working in the community of long term care as a Personal Support Worker. Being employed in these environments has shown Christine how preventative health care contributes to your longevity.


At her core, Christine believes in autonomy to care is crucial and with each session offers mindfulness and compassion. Christine uses myofascial release and deep breathing techniques to release areas of tension in the body and incorporates yoga and nutrition to establish a holistic care approach to her practice.


Christine has been involved with numerous sports organizations around the city and continues to be an avid volleyball player and runner. With her knowledge of the human body and history in athletics, she offers sports massage and deep tissue to maintain functional movement and help prevent injuries. She believes health and happiness go hand in hand and wants you to feel connected by bringing awareness to the mind and body.